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Hi! If you've taken an interrest in hiring me, and want to know about my experiences in the field, as well as what I can provide for your company or organization, there's a list below for easy reading.


Year Exam, School
2011 10. klasse eksamen, Lillebaeltskolen
2009 9. klasse afgangseksamen, Strib Skole


Duration Company
2014 - Middelfart Lokal TV (non-profit)
2012 Brinks ChemDry


Year Certificate
2015 CCNA 1

Knowledge and abilites

Real-world experience

  • Working in local network structures with setup, management, and development of database systems.
  • QA. And lots of it.
  • Penetration testing, as well as securing Linux-based servers and Windows-based clients.
  • Economic ressource management in a not-for-profit organization.
  • I have done, and continue to do, voluntary work in all areas of IT, for Middelfart Lokal TV.
  • Repository contributor and/or maintainer for SliTaz GNU/Linux and Void Linux.
  • Contributions to several open source projects which are now used in production software, including WhiteDB, hashbang.sh, GWEN, and others.
Contact me  
E-Mail: necrophcodr@necrophcodr.me
Tox: necrophcodr